The Auxiliary

The Auxiliary Project Space (Estb. 2016) started life as a raw, malleable live/work space in Stockton-on-Tees. Inviting artists into the home of directors Anna Byrne & Liam Slevin, the idea was to reimagine and reconfigure the space around their needs; from workspace to gallery, meeting point to studio. The Auxiliary grew and expanded, delivering festivals and performance series across the Tees Valley such as FEED (2016-Present) Middlesbrough Art Weekender (2017 & 2018,) Brick Day 2017 and Stockton Contemporary 2018.

In 2019, The Auxiliary Project Space expanded to include a 10,000 sqft. warehouse space in Middlesbrough. Consisting of two galleries, 12 studios and workshop/performance space, The Auxiliary Warehouse launches on the 24th May, 2019.

Curatorially, The Auxiliary is a site for the production of experimental & sound art practices. It encourages & promotes the sonic arts through investigating the rich local industrial heritage and reimagines the Tees Valley as a site for invigorated, creative industries.

Enabling local, national and international artists in devising independent art platforms and structures for the dissemination of contemporary art practices throughout the Tees Valley.


The Auxiliary


The Auxiliary

31 station Street



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